Tower Hill School Uniform Code


Trousers or shorts – black, navy blue or grey

Polo shirt – white or navy

Sweatshirt or jumper – (no hoods) navy blue



Shorts and tracksuit bottoms – black

Polo shirts – white or navy blue



Trousers or skirts – black, navy blue or grey

Polo shirts – white or navy blue

Sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan – navy blue

Blue gingham dress


Shorts or tracksuit bottoms – black

T Shirt – white or navy blue


Black school shoes should be worn in class and pupils should bring another pair of shoes or trainer, if required for break time


Hair should be natural – no tramlines, partial shaved areas, hair dye or styling products. Long hair should be tied back for PE

Piercings – only one set of earrings, which should be stud. Earrings should be removed or taped over for PE

No nail varnish or make-up

Book bags and PE bags are available to buy from the school office (PTA fund a book bag for each child, who starts in our Reception class in September and this will be given to the pupil by the class teacher)

Uniform can be plain, or parents can order uniforms from School Trends or Tesco

If you are struggling to buy your child’s uniform, please speak to the school office



Dear Parents

As you know we have changed our school logo. We have also taken the opportunity to review our logo school uniform that is available for parents to order.

Attached you will find a copy of our Uniform Code and a flyer from Tesco.

We are pleased to inform you that we now have 2 options available for ordering logo school uniform.

  1. School Trends –

The following items are available from School Trends:

Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt from £12.01

  1. T Shirt (for PE) from £ 6.00

Classic Knitted Cardigan from £12.50

  1. Polo Shirt (Navy or white ) from £ 6.76

Essential Sweatshirt from £ 9.76

Fleece Jacket from £13.24

Name Labels from £ 3.30

Shorts from £ 5.15

Shoe labels pack of 5 from £ 2.34

  1. you order using School Trends you will need to let the office know that you have placed an order (email as they need to be approved before being released. Delivery from School Trends takes around 21 days and uniform can only be delivered to school. you want your order in time for the first day of school in September you will need to place it now so that there is enough time to have it delivered to school. As the office staff do not work during the Summer break any orders placed in this time will not be released and would not be delivered until the end of September.


  1. Tesco –

This is an additional option that we have set up for parents and a flyer with information about how to order is attached. The following items are available from Tesco:

  1. shirt (white) from £5.00

Sweatshirt from £8.00

Sweatshirt Cardigan from £9.00




If you order from Tesco, delivery is to your home address, costs £3.00 and takes up to 28 days. At the moment the website is very low on stock but they assure us that a big stock delivery will be in before the end of June. You will earn Clubcard points on your order. You can place an order for plain items for example trousers at the same time as ordering logo items at no additional postage cost.


If you have any questions please do contact the school office.





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